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A selection of my latest artwork is available to purchase through David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) with 50% of proceeds going to support conservation - this month only!


This gallery features a selection of finished work ... please follow me on Instagram to see more work in progress 

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Journeys Through the Heartland - an original print


Polly's practice is built on a deep connection with the fragile natural world and a passion for the environment. She captures unique wildlife moments with a focus on animal behaviour, movement and storytelling. 


Building on memories of the Kent countryside, plus over a decade living in the heart of the African bush, Polly's aim is to engage the viewer in big conservation issues through simple joyful imagery.


Drawing is at the heart of her practice, and printmaking is how Polly brings her artwork to life. Images emerge through the layering of process, where texture and tone create versions of memories, transporting the viewer to a new place. The line is integral but the process is all about expression. 


Polly says: 'my works are a window on a world that is at peace with itself ... where elephants roam freely and birds dance to the rhythm of the wind".

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